A G.A.A. club existed in Addergoole parish at various times up to the 1950’s. Whatever few players emerged in the parish up to the mid-sixties played football either with Newport or with Crossmolina. Because of the greater access to second level education in the 60’s more potential footballers emerged. For this reason in 1966 a group of enthusiastic football supporters, not all of whom were footballers, came together to form a new G.A.A. club, i.e. Lahardane McHales.

The new club did not have any grounds or facilities. However a local farmer allowed one of his fields to be used for games. It measured approximately 96 yards by 60 yards and championship games were played in this field for a number of years.

In 1975 the local Parish Priest made ground available in Bofeenaun for the construction of a football field and clubhouse. The first games were played in the new pitch in the Autumn of 1975. In the winter of 1975/’76 Lahardane McHales won its first ever competition, i.e. the North Mayo Winter League. This success was followed by winning the North Mayo Junior Championship in 1976, and an unsuccessful participation in the County Final.

1979: Through voluntary work the G.A.A. Clubrooms (two dressing rooms and a meeting room) were built. In 1988 this building was named the Padraig Garrett Memorial Clubhouse.

1989: Club Na Og was formed. Up to the early eighties most of the efforts of the club were concentrated on the efforts of the junior team. Hence the lack of success at underage level. With the establishment of Bord Na Og underage football became very important and went from strength to strength winning numerous divisional titles and County titles from U-12 to Minor.

1990: Tennis courts and Basketball courts were constructed. As Bofeenaun National School is adjacent to the grounds the club in 1990 constructed courts in the corner of the grounds nearest the Primary School.

1994: Ladies football underage section was formed. Though the Ladies section was met with reasonable success it was disbanded in 1998, because of lack of facilities. There is now an ever growing demand for its reconstruction.

1999: The playing area of the football field was extended in length and breadth to the required dimensions.

To be continued


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